Tincture, A Weird West Trilogy






January 2018
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Paper football or a rubber-band shootout did well to occupy those lulls in the night, but nothing passed the time quite like a gunshot victim.


Music in Tincture, Chapter Five:

Deft – Balloons Don’t Always Fly – Remix
Mitsuru Shimizu – Swimy
Sam Shalabi – Rebetikaud
Steve Gunn – Trouba

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Rhamuel inhaled deeply through his nose, and pondered the world.  They’d made camp under a billboard, and after having been awoken by Rhamuel gently sprinkling sand into his ear, Marcus began to question his own decision making abilities.


Music in Tincture, Chapter Four:

Hypermagic – San Fairy Ann
Plusplus – The Old Country
Adriano Orru – Nemus
The Magick Traveling Backpack Band – Prelude At Last
Vate – Afrodita


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Old Mother placed her hands in her lap, gestured to the wooden table at her side, and ordered the boy to practice a decision of fate.


Music in Tincture, Chapter Three:

J. Koho – Ashram of Eternal Chant
Krackatoa – Grand PooPah
Allen Masterton – Sehv Tsahno Ambient
Hypermagic – Apparatus
Wooden Ambulance – Poor Bastard

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An old man and a young man sat across from each other in a bar, locking stares with joy and fear, and while the young man had a simple question, the old man would be dead in seven minutes.


Music in Tincture, Chapter Two:

Ambienteer – Ecclesia
Sehv Tsahno Ambient – Allen Masterton
Gareth Dickson – Noon

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Grave robbing requires a corpse, so at most, this was all just simple thievery.  At least, that’s what Rhamuel liked to tell himself as any proper heir to the abandoned goods he was claiming may have simply had their bones turned to dust by The Whatever.


Music in Tincture, Chapter One:

Steve Gunn – Trouba
Tom Fahy – Creeping
Tom Fahy – Long Winter’s Journey Into Spring
Tom Fahy – Hell Cats
Wooden Ambulance – Dishonest

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